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Extreme Roller Sports

Extreme Roller Sports is a professional Skating school that specializes in teaching overall skating and roller hockey skills at a skating area near you. We teach at outdoor and indoor skating rink arenas all over in Qatar. Whether you are a child,teenager or adult,its never too late to learn how to skate and there's always room for improvement.Our inline speed skating and roller hockey coaches have over a decade of teaching experience.We have past and present students to prove our teaching success.

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to promote and encourage the spirit of inline speed skating and roller hockey in Qatar. ERS is dedicated to the promotion of inline and roller hockey skating as a way to,

  • - Achieve fitness.
  • - Improve skating technique.
  • - Connect with others interested in skating.
  • - Travel to events and competitions around the world and compete.
  • - Fun activity and joy of skating.

Our main vision is to find the talented skater to represent Qatar in all International Championships. Through ERS's skating oppurtunities and guidance non-skaters become confident skaters, social and recreational skaters achieve their personal goals and competitive skaters realize their dreams of becoming champions.

What we offer

Infinite Fun Satrt

Basic skills

Basic leval and a head start

Speed skating

Skill training for speed skating

    Roller Hockey


Roller hockey traing

Edge work and power skating skills coaching for hockey players in mites through Hockey techniques.



Not only for children

This program promotes physical fitness,improves balance and coordination while learning proper skatng techniques.This program is open to beginner through advanced skaters.


So you have decided to start rolling. This is for enthusiasts and starters who want to explore the sport be it for fun or fitness. We start gently at one place where we talk a bit about theory and learn a few skating essentials before we start to roll. Then the fun really starts. A student needs to be around 4 years old to begin with the sport. Beginners generally start either with quad skates or the inline ones. We emphasize that the student learns at his own pace.


Once you are done with the basics, you are now on a skill building exercise. We work on progressions leading to skills related to gliding, striding, turning, braking, etc. We also encourage you to participate in local club competitions so as to expose you to the real world of skating. You are also ready to take part in skating rallies, street skating or any other skating events.


All set for championships, aren't you? You are now in one of the prime league of high level skating where the main focus is developing techniques, increasing aerobic and anaerobic capacities, learning competitive pressure handling and racing strategies, etc. More importantly you now start participating in high level competitions.

Qualified Professionals

You are in the best of the hands

Sadham Abdul Khader

Principal Coach

Siyad K S

Senior Coach (INLINE SPEED )

Aby Ismail

Senior Coach (Roller Hockey)

Abin Ravi

Coach (Roller Hockey and Speed)

Happy Parents


Learning from Sadham(sir) is invaluable for my son and it has been a life changing experience for us. Learning the fundamental of skating made him unique to reach in international competition. If you are searching for a skating class that is committed to seeing you succeed in your future. I suggest you attend "EXTREME ROLLER SPORTS ACADEMY " . I promise SADHAM sir will make sure you not only move forward in your skating result but must importantly in your life.

Nazriya Salim

It's been 6 and a half years and now i see my son anfal and asif so smoothly on his inline wheels. I never knew that my 4 year old son would become a State Level Gold Medalist. No doubts he has put his best, but I would say that today he is mentally and physically conditioned to take on any champion and there are no two doubts that it is because of the best ever coaches. Sadham Sir has been very instrumental in helping him learn how to accept defeat gracefully. Thank you Sadham Sir for taking my son to such heights.

Shemeer K A

I remember the few words that Sadham sir had quoted “ Every graph has to go down, for it to go up”. I believed in him and thus continued farhan’s journey on his wheels. The knowledge that he shares with my son is intricate yet simplified for his understanding. He is enormously gifted in coaching, and the improvements that my son has displayed in his skating is a clear example of those gifts. Learning the proper technique at an early age is vitally important and allows one to skate with a fluid motion while using less energy.

Rani Mukar

It has been such an amazing experience for my son Karam to train with Sadham Sir. He has not only got the best skill, technique, timing training but has benefitted from Sadham Sir's mentorship and the entire group of kids and parents is like a family. Sadham Sir is encouraging, pushing and also empathetic of kids academics and rest. As a parent I rarely go to class as I am so sure that my son will be cared for and taught well.

Sheetal Mehta

My daughter Kavya has been skating for about a year and the progress she has made is commendable. Kavya is very passionate about skating and this passion arises from the positivity and perseverance of her coach,Sadham. I joined Extreme roller sports Academy because I wanted the best training for my daughter. But what I am experiencing is way better than the best! Sadham sir recognizes the learning ability of each child.


Confidence cannot find a place wherein to move safely.

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